About us

I fell in love with Bali, the people, the culture and the incredible vibrant colours in my early 20's and after countless trips for both work and pleasure I promised myself that one day I would live amongst these happy, colourful people in the melting pot of talent and nationalities which is Bali.

So finally in 2013 I relocated my business from Australia to Seminyak, Bali. It's an amazing place to produce quality, unique and beautiful vibrant products made from local natural resources.

Bali is a tiny island ruled by spirits and governed by ceremonies, living in Bali comes with its challenges but as you can see its worth it!

Being born on a sheep station in country NSW Australia to a Father who was English and a Kiwi Mother from New Zealand, with a stick of dynamite given to my mother to light when she went into labor so my father would hear the explosion and return to the farmhouse, life was never going to be normal for me!

Schooled in the UK and later working as a professional model all over the world, I developed a taste for the unusual, the eclectic, the diverse, the traditional products produced by exquisite artisans.

Toko Emporium is now supplying boutiques and department stores in Korea, Ibiza, St Tropez, Dubai, St Bart’s, New Caledonia, Port Douglas, Hong Kong, Barbados, Paris, Japan, and Singapore and many many more!

Please enjoy our new web site and let us know if we can improve it in any way!

Terima Kasih  - Thank you!