As Toko Emporium lovers, you would have watched our story unfold over the years, with travels and adventures as I source incredible pieces and inspiration from all over the world. I’m so lucky and fortunate to do what I love for my work but I’m even more grateful for the people in my life who make that possible; one person in particular, the gorgeous and meticulously organised, Komang.



I firkomang-bikest met Komang five years ago in a real estate office when I first came to Bali and was in search of a villa. She was friendly, young and smart, and I just knew we would make a great team…one week later, Komang started work at Toko Emporium. She takes care of all the admin side of the business because paperwork stifles my creativity – well that’s my story and I’m sticking to it! Seriously though, Komang runs the day to day operations as well as looking after all our customers. She also acts as a courier when customers buy so much they can’t possibly carry it back to the hotel, so Komang loads up her scooter and delivers it for them. She much prefers to pick up orders from our suppliers on her scooter rather than taking the car to avoid the traffic, leaving very little room for her to sit on the bike amongst the stock!


So much has happened in the last five years with Komang and I’m so fortunate to have been a part of every stage. She got her driver’s license and can drive a car, which 5 years ago in Bali was quite unusual for a local girl. She married her gorgeous husband, Nyoman, and they had a beautiful baby girl called Resia. Komang and her husband are incredible workers, he is a driver and just bought a huge new people mover car, plus they built their own home in Tabanan. Komang rides to and from Tabanan every day on her scooter which is about a two-hour round trip commute! Their home is set within the traditional family compound like many families here in Bali, which is helpful because there are literally built in babysitters with various family members around, so both Komang and her husband can work every day and build for their future and their family.

komang-prewed-2   komang-prewed-3    komang-prewed-4

As an expat, often our real families live elsewhere in the world, so it has been a blessing to have been invited into Komang’s family to celebrate her wedding and the birth of Resia, plus the stunning traditional Hindu ceremonies to mark each occasion. Komang has certainly become my Bali family and I hope she knows I would be lost without her.



Next time you are in Seminyak, pop in and say hello to Komang – tell her you read her story on the website and watch her break into the most beautiful big smile!