Ceremonies in Bali

Ceremonies in Bali

A tooth filing ceremony in Bali is a rite of passage, it marks a time where the body and soul are protected and purified. It is symbolic of the balancing of someone’s personality, leading them away from harm or temptation and protecting their spirit.

Being involved in such a ceremony in Bali is an honour, and recently Janet was invited to a tooth filing celebration. Full of colour, and noise, and delicious food, it is a time of celebration, and before you ask…no, the tooth filing does not hurt we’ve been told!

There are offerings placed all around the house and temples, family and friends come to share offerings and blessings, and it a time of reflection for all those who have done the ceremony or yet to participate.

The ideal age for a tooth filing ceremony is between 6 and 18, with most Balinese having the ceremony done before they are married. It is rare but occasionally you see older people who have not yet had the tooth filing ceremony but they must have it done prior to their funeral so their spirits are pure.

These photos were taken by Janet – there is something truly magical about the ceremony and the colours!



Living in Bali inspires Janet in her colour choices and designs. You just need to experience one ceremony and you’ll be surrounded by bright and beautiful tropical colours. Even funerals here are a riot of colour and more of a celebration than a day of sadness.

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